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Montreal urgently needs more housing

There is no single solution to this issue, thus we advocate for all pragmatic approaches to make living in Montreal more affordable, sustainable and inclusive.

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Let Montreal Build The Housing It Is Famous For

Quebec should listen to its municipalities and sign-on to the Federal Housing Infrastructure Fund


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Typical Montreal plex next to a bike lane - Photo de Steve Boland


2022 Quebec Elections: Every Party's record on Housing, ranked

Compare the provincial parties' plan to tackle the housing crisis with More Montreal's ideas.

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What We Fight For

Fighting for affordable housing is part of an encompassing vision for Montreal


Housing unaffordability disproportionately affects marginalized communities, perpetuating historic discrimination. Insufficient housing supply drives up prices, causing displacement and gentrification. Housing abundance will make Montreal more accessible, diverse and fair!


A key part of Montreal’s identity as a city is its strong spirit of community. Diversity is what makes our neighbourhoods so vibrant and attractive. In order to strengthen this, the city needs more neighbours from various backgrounds, and housing affordability ensures that.


Housing unaffordability in Montreal pushes people out of the city, or keeps them out entirely. This drives car-dependent sprawl. In contrast, density makes it easier for people to get around on foot, by bike or via transit. Densifying existing areas will help Montreal play its role in fighting climate change.


Scarcity makes things expensive – building more housing makes it more affordable for everyone. It will make Montreal prosper by providing more tax revenue and making it less expensive to provide public services. Cities are economic powerhouses, and everyone benefits when it’s affordable to live in them.

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